Sunday, January 8, 2012

Tool #2

This should be done in the Summer. I'm only at tool 2, but this is the wrong time to start this. I have new classes, and I am in the middle of district. I already use Moodle and I am spending time completing busy work instead of trying to actually find ways to make my class better.

I know different people start in different places, but we always talk about differentiating things for our students in the classroom why can't this be done the same way.  I have spent an hour and a half just getting through 2 tools and I already do this type of stuff.  I know there are more things out there and I am interested in learning what they are, but while it's neat to create an avatar, it doesn't make me tingle or improve what I am able to do in the classroom.

This is nothing new than anything I have done before.  I will continue to visit places like to get ideas.


  1. I absolutely love your Voki. Is that your voice? I am impressed that you tweet. I haven't made that lead yet! LOL

  2. I also use twitter for communication with my soccer team and parents. The multiple ways to communicate with others, not just educators, is a very handy tool.

  3. Looking at your blog. I want to setup twitter to communicate practice times to distance runners. May need your help.