Sunday, January 8, 2012

Tool #7

The project that I create will be one that discusses culture. This project will be implemented during our study of culture. We will use different video creators to produce videos and Skype to discuss the videos with students in other cultures after they are viewed. We will mainly use Skype and Animoto as our resources although other tools are allowed.

My students will select a culture in another state or country and research it. They will then create a video that depicts what they believe that culture is like. They can use costumes, music and other forms to show what they perceive the culture to be like. Students will also make a video about their culture.

Once the videos are made, they will be shared with students in the other classrooms. Students will then watch the videos made by the students in the culture they were portraying. At the end, the students will come together via videoconference, using Skype and discuss the perceptions and truths of each others culture.


  1. OMG - this sounds incredible. Would you mind inviting me into your classroom to watch the Skype session???